Ref. No. ……………
Date : ……………

Re : Appointment for the Post of Co-ordinator

With reference to your application dated ….………. and interview dated ………. you had with the undersigned we are pleased to appoint you as “Co-Ordinator” in our organization with effect from ……………………. (Date) subject to the following terms and conditions :-

(1) Intitially you will be on probation for a period of one year from the date of your joining and the said period of probation shall be liable to be extended or dispensed with earlier, solely at the discretion of the Management

(2) You will be paid the following salary and other allowances

i. Basic Pay Rs.
ii. D.A Rs.
iii. H.R.A. Rs.
iv. Allowance if any Rs.

(3) The following duties are assigned to you.

(i) Lessoning with any Government, Semi-Government, Public and Private Sector Undertakings.

(ii) Attending to Bank works

(iii) Attending to Marketing work

(iv) Any other work entrusted to you by the General Manager or Managing Director of the organization

(4) That you will be just and a faithful employee of the company in all matters and shall not at any time except under the legal process divulge to any person and shall use your best endeavor to prevent the publication or disclosure of any trade secret or manufacturing process or any other information concerning or in respect of the items as manufactured or marketed by the company or dealing transactions or affairs which may come to your knowledge while you are in our service.

(5) You will not give to any particulars or details of our manufacturing process technical know-how, security arrangements administrative and or organizational matters whether confidential, secret or otherwise, which you acquire during the course of your employment at any time, while in employment or afterwards.

(6) That during the course of your employment, you will discharge your duties efficiently and diligently to the best of your ability and shall devote your whole time and attention to the interest of the company and generally carry our duties and works as assigned to you and shall obey and comply with all lawful orders and directions given to you by the General Manager and Managing Director of the company. You shall honestly, diligently and faithfully serve the organization and use your utmost endeavour to promote the interest of the company.

(7) That during the period of your employment, you will not work directly or indirectly for any other person, firm or company either with or without remuneration, or will engage yourself or be interested directly or indirectly in any trade or business either as employee or employer or partner or advisor or in any other capacity.

(8) If at anytime, during your employment with us, you will be found guilty of any act or misconduct or any willful breach or continuous negligence in the terms of this appointment letter, or rules or dereliction of duties, disobedience of instructions given to you from time to time, the management may without any notice or payment in lieu of any notice, put an end to your services and determine the employment with the company.

We welcome you to our Organisation and hope that your association with us will prove to be of mutual benefit.


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