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Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to put on record that you approached us with a request for employment in our organization on compassionate grounds. As you are aware, you have already retired from your previous employer on having reached the age of superannuation. As you are aware you have left your early job on the basis of voluntary retirement on your reaching the age of 58, and therefore, normally you are re-employable. However, we are prepared concede to your request, if you are agreeable to the following terms and conditions :-

1. You will be paid compensation for the time spent by you in our organization at Rs…… per month. It is clearly understood that you shall not be governed by the salary and other allowances payable to our other employees and that yours is a special case.

2. There will be no obligation on our part, and none exists for giving you any rise in the compensation mentioned above till such time as you cease to be in our employment. We may at our sole discretion give a rise in the compensation if we feel so, but no right will be created out of such an event.

3. You will observe normal working hours of our organization.

4. You will obey all instructions, orders, requests etc. issued to you by your supervisors

5. You will be eligible to the same scale of privilege, casual and sick leave as well as the number of paid holiday that may be given to our employees including the conditions stipulated for the same.

6. You will not be eligible to Provident Fund, Family Pension Fund, and Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme benefits as you are a superannuated person in terms of paragraph 69(1)(a) of the Employees’ P.F. Scheme 1952.

7. You will not be eligible to any gratuity benefit.

8. This contract can be terminated with 24 hours notice on either side without assigning any reasons or payment of any compensation.

This letter is issued in duplicate. You should study the contents, understand them fully, and if you are agreeable to abide by the terms and conditions contained, please return to us duplicate copy duly signed in token of your acceptance of the terms and conditions without any reservations.

Yours faithfully,

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