At all material times, the Petitioner No. 1. And the Petitioner No. 2. are both
Hindu by faith and citizens of India. On the 4th day of February 2018 the
petitioner no. 1 and petitioner no 2.tied nuptial knot and according to the Special
Marriage Act, 1954. In this regard Xerox copy of the certificate of Marriage is
annexed herewith and marked as letter “A”.
2. That immediately after the marriage the spouses started living together as a
husband and wife residing in their matrimonial home at – BD-43, Rajdanga
Chakraborty Para, Kasba, Kolkata-700107. P.S.-Kasba.,P.O.-……., There is no child
born in the said wedlock.
3. However, soon after the marriage between the parties, various disputes and
differences arose between the petitioner no. 1/wife and the petitioner no.
2/Husband. There was a difference of opinion in practically all aspects of life and
both the petitioner no. 1/ Wife and the petitioner no. 2/ Husband herein found it
difficult to live and/or Cohabitate with each other. The matrimonial bond
between the husband and the wife had been completely disrupted due to
difference of opinion from the last few years of their matrimonial life.
4. During the aforesaid period, the petitioner no. 1/wife and the petit

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