LUCKNOW: Three days before the Allahabad high court is to give its verdict on whether the ASI should survey the Gyanvapi complex, UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath said on Monday that the structure shouldn’t be called a mosque as that would lead to controversy.

“It is Gyanvapi and we must call it that. If I call it a masjid, it’ll lead to controversy. The matter is in court and is being monitored there. There is historical, physical and scriptural evidence, there will naturally be a decision,” the CM said in an interview to ANI.
Asking Muslims to ensure that “old mistakes are not repeated”, the CM said the community must on their own accord accept the “historical mistake” and seek a solution. TNN

Enough proof to establish Gyanvapi origin: Yogi
Yogi claimed in an interview that there was sufficient proof in the Gyanvapi complex to establish its “original status”. What was a trishul (trident) doing inside, he asked, adding that “we had not placed it there”.
The structure was protected by central forces and the Mutawalli had the keys to the structure so nobody could enter it, Yogi told ANI. “A jyotirling had been found inside and the walls are screaming about the pictures of gods and goddesses inside,” he claimed.
“One can be blind from birth, and there are people who are pretending to be blind. The person blind from birth can still be shown the way, but one who is pretending cannot be guided. Those who are refusing to accept the proof are now insisting without reason,” he told ANI, adding that the Muslim community should come forward and propose that a “historical mistake was committed in the past and they want a solution”.
The Allahabad HC is to deliver on August 3 its verdict on a petition filed by the Gyanvapi Mosque Management Committee challenging a Varanasi court order directing an ASI survey of the complex to ascertain whether it was constructed on a pre-existing temple structure. Four Hindu women had moved an application in May this year seeking an ASI survey of the structure, excluding the ablution pond area which had been sealed on the order of the SC.
When asked about his image as “Bulldozer Baba”, Yogi asked: “If a criminal encroaches on government land, should I go and perform aarti?” Attacking the opposition, he said their forum should not be called INDIA. “It’s a dot dot dot dot group. Changing clothes will not help the opposition parties get away from their misdeeds in the past. The public is aware of their old deeds,” he told ANI.He added that it is PM Modi who is the captain of Team India.

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