NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday issued a cautionary message to the counsels representing the warring Kuki and Metei ethnic groups and urged them to refrain from leveling allegations and utilising the court as a platform that could possibly escalate the volatile situation in Manipur.
Acknowledging the limitations of their role, the Supreme Court further said, “We cannot be running the security or law and order apparatus of the state.”
Colin Gonsalves, acting as counsel, made repeated attempts to claim that the violence against the Kuki community was state-sponsored. However, Chief Justice DY Chandrchud and Justice PS Narasimha intervened and said: “We do not want this platform to be used for further escalation of violence in state.” The court also urged Gonsalves to offer constructive suggestions instead.
The apex court also directed both the Union and state governments to consider a plea made by the Manipur High Court Bar Association, which requested that a 10-kilometer stretch of a crucial highway, serving as the only lifeline for essential supplies, should be kept clear for reaching essential commodities to the state resident.
The next hearing in the matter has been scheduled for July 11.

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